About Carving Technologies, LLC

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Carving Technologies is a digital imaging software company that specializes in the latest technology utilizing advanced proprietary graphical algorithms to produce advanced stencils, halftones and line tracings.

Our software is created for all levels of stencil needs, from hobbyists and crafters to professional artists. Imagine streamlining the process of creating custom patterns for anything from gifts to graphics and personalized awards for the recognition industry.

We currently have four software titles:

  • Me On A Pumpkin© (software), custom pumpkin carving stencils from selfies and photographs of your family and friends.
  • NEW! MOAP .99¢ online stencil maker!!! Watch intro video here!, or at MEONAPUMPKIN.COM
  • Coyote Stencil Shop 3.0, a full featured software stenciling package built especially for those who work in wood, glass, metal, and stone.
  • Coyote’s Den, an easy to use database for organizing and saving your images and stencils at your fingertips.
  • SMI Commercial, easily produces halftones, stencils and line trace images with vector output. This is our most comprehensive work to date, designed for those who work in the Awards, Recognition, and Etching industry

“We pride ourselves in the fact that we study a particular industry, interview its users and then design, test, and build our software.  We do this to produce a program that is more useful, powerful, faster and easier than software that industry had before. We look forward to serving your digital imaging needs as well.”

– The Staff at Carving Technologies, L.L.C.

A Final Note:  We started the custom pumpkin carving craze in 1998 with Me On A Pumpkin©. It is the software of choice for pumpkin carvers around the world. Based on feedback from many of its customers (who used the software to produce stencils for other projects), we launched into the development of more powerful stencil programs for other industries. NEW! MOAP .99¢ online stencil maker!!! Watch intro video here!, or at MEONAPUMPKIN.COM

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