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Your system must meet the “Minimum System Requirements” to successfully run our software. (Please note that if your Operating System, RAM or Hard drive storage is newer or bigger than what is listed below, then your system meets the minimum requirements.)

* Windows XP Pro
* Pentium 4
* .NET 2.0 (This is a Microsoft Update available at their site)
* 512 MB RAM
* Printer

• Will Carving Technologies software work on a Mac computer?

Intel-based Macs with VMWare’s Fusion, Parallels, or BaseCamp (comes with OS X) can now use Coyote and other Carving Technologies programs.  You will also need Microsoft’s OS (XP Pro – Widows 8) installed.


Refunds / Replacements

We will replace any product that has a manufacturer’s defect in the shipped media.  We do not however, issue refunds on shipped software.  Before contacting us, please check to see that your Operating System is up to date and that your system meets the System Minimum Requirements as described above.

Privacy Statement

Carving Technologies does not sell, rent, give away, or loan any identifiable customer information to any third party without your consent.  We reserve the right to contact you, from time to time, with special offers from our company.  Each contact provides you with an Opt-Out reply back to us.  We then remove your name and contact information from our mailing list.

Me On A Pumpkin

• Delivery of this product is via download only, and there are no refunds issued.

• How do I get my pumpkin in the Me On A Pumpkin Gallery?

Send us the image you started with and a picture of the resulting pumpkin. Go to the Gallery and see what others have done.

• I need some pumpkin carving tips. What do you suggest? Here are our carving tips.

Coyote Stencil Shop

• I think my USB Drive is just not right, can I get a replacement?

We will replace shipped product due to manufacturer’s defect. We will not, however, refund purchase price on shipped software. Before contacting us, take a second and check to see that your Operating System is up to date and that you are running the software as and Administrator.

• Will your software work with my 64 bit processor?

All of our software will function properly on computers with 64 bit processors running 64 bit Operating Systems, Windows© 7, 8, or 10.

• Why won’t my software load (or run)?

Our software is running on about 80,000 computers around the world, but we see and hear this question more than any other. If you are using Vista, Windows© 7 or 8 then those Operating Systems have a feature known as “User Access Controls”.

You must Right click on our software icon, then left click on “Run as Administrator”.   Depending on how your computer was set up, you may need to do this to run the software as well.

• How do I save as a .jpg?

Once you have saved a stencil, it is in the .cyt format.  Open the file, select <file>, <export>, and specify the .jpg format and save location.

I’m not getting any emails answers from you! HELP!

Please set your SPAM FILTERS preferences to allow for incoming mail from We will be happy to answer your questions.