Carving Technologies Gallery

 We proudly present a gallery of customers work!

Starting with Me On A Pumpkin© we have helped our customers create custom stencils and patterns from their digitized images for all sorts of projects. Enjoy the gallery, get some ideas!

Me On A Pumpkin

Julie’s Dog –
This was one of the first carvings ever done by a customer of ours whose name is Julie. Using Me On A Pumpkin to make a pumpkin carving stencil was also new to her. She was so afraid it wasn’t going to turn out OK.
What do you think?
























The Inventor –
Here’s the guy that started all of this madness. He just wanted
a pumpkin with “his face” on it.



Gothic Halloween –


























This is a picture that was done by a good friend of ours, Charles Goodell. Morgan is a good friend of his.


Our Favorite Gourd –


Cigar Box –


Another Great Gourd –