• Here’s a news story about John Vickers, artist & fundraiser, from British Columbia. John’s carved 600+ pumpkins and raised more than $150,000 for charity. - Menu icons NEW | OPEN | SAVE | UNDO | QUIT at top of page - really easy! Tool Box on left for this screen includes: CROP | SCALE | ROTATE | FLIP | MIRROR | MORPH (you can emphasize, or add, a particular feature)
  • The image has been cropped and scaled - notice the “morph” in John’s chin?
  • Me on a Pumpkin will “stencilized” your image.
 The “red” spots warn you of potential “fallout”.
  • You can correct the fallout using the pen and eraser tool.
  • Note you can toggle the guide lines, dots, and instructions on or off.
  • Preview print out. The gray areas are the holes - note there are no floating white areas.

or watch our little video